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Snake Plant
Description The Sansevieria trifasciata (the Snake Plant) is one of the most common and popular houseplants. It...
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Bella Palm
Description The  Bella Palm is a small low-light interior palm and houseplant species. €˜Bella€™ can...
Ginseng Ficus
Description The Ginseng Ficus is a great beginner plant if you want to get into...
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ZZ Plant
Description The ZZ plant has become a very popular houseplant in the past years. It...
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Wandering Jew
Description The Wandering Jew is a staple garden plant and now a common houseplant. It...
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African Violets
Description African Violets are a stunning and delicate houseplant. Their delicate looking flowers add a...
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Tillandsia (Air Plants)
Description Air plants are an interesting plant. It thrives on the oxygen in the air,...
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Assorted Succulents
Description The Succulent is a staple houseplant. You can find varieties in almost every store....
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Spider Plant
Description The Spider Plant is one of the most common houseplants on the market. It...
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Description The Philodendron Selloum is a perfect plant if you're looking for something that is...
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Sago Palm
Description The Sago Palm, which is not a palm at all, is an interesting specimen....
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Rubber Tree
Description The Rubber Tree was originally used to make rubber. However, now it is a...
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