Nelson 15" Long Neck Spray Wand/Nozzel

Nelson 15" Long Neck Spray Wand/Nozzel

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Give your plants all of the water they need, and give yourself all of the comfort you want! The Nelson Rezimar Long-Neck Multi-Pattern Spray Nozzle is a must have for any gardener.

  • Rezimar body with dual soft-grip overmold, crush-resistant metal coupling and aluminum tube
  • Front trigger requires 4x less effort
  • 5-pattern spray head
  • Flow control regulates force of water stream
  • Hold open clip for continuous spray

Size: 15" Long

Consumers today are being more careful than ever to conserve natural resources and protect the environment. The blue Water Conservation Seal identifies Nelson products whose design help users minimize their water consumption while caring for their lawns and gardens. 

Like our customers, we also want to do our part for the environment. We’re always looking  for new ways to help them conserve resources. Take for example the new AquaDrive™ technology that keeps oscillating sprinklers in constant motion to prevent wasteful puddling, or consider the timers and landscape watering systems that make it possible to distribute water more precisely and avoid overwatering. With our products your customers can help to save the planet and save money on their water bill while they’re at it.

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