Illumination Flame Tropical Foxglove

Illumination Flame Tropical Foxglove

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Digiplexis 'Illumination® Flame'

Illumination® Flame Tropical Foxglove

If you have always loved Foxglove but have felt that it just has too short of a bloom period, it is time to try 'Illumination Flame', a Foxglove cross that adds weeks to the bloom period. With that added bloom time you will thrill for weeks at the tall spikes that rise above the foliage bearing tighly packed, tubular, reddish-orange, yellow throated flowers from late May into early July. The secret to added bloom?? Sterile flowers that won't waste energy of seed production and side branches on the flower stalks that continue to add spectacular color. Perfect for grouping in the back of a garden, this selection is not realiably hardy but an absolute garden MUST!

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