E.B. Anderson Lungwort

E.B. Anderson Lungwort

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Pulmonaria longifolia 'Bertram Anderson'

Bertram Anderson Longleaf Lungwort

Brighten up any shade garden with this early blooming perennial that is as reknown for its foliage as its bloom. Leaves emerge from the ground as the weather warms in late March forming a mound of long, narrow, deep green, spade-shaped foliage offset by an array of white spots that make the leaves look like they just have emerged from a passing paint shower! The foliage serves as the backdrop for stems of small, deep blue to pink, bell shaped flowers that rise above the mound in late April and continue through May. 'Bertram Anderson' is one of those indispensible plants for a shade garden that thrive where other plants falter...it looks fantastic in groups at the front of any garden and will give you months of foliage viewing pleasure. While many Lungworts are powdery mildew prone, this is one of the most resistant giving you even more reason to enjoy them!

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