Deluxe Pink Lemonade False Indigo

Deluxe Pink Lemonade False Indigo

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Baptisia hybrid Decadence®' Deluxe Pink Lemonade'

Decadence® Deluxe Pink Lemonade False Indigo

Craving fresh colors for your Spring landscape? Quench that thirst with 'Pink Lemonade' Baptisia! This false indigo earns its title from its airy pillars of light yellow blooms which gain a deep pink blush as they age. Adored by butterflies and ignored by deer, this tall native perennial charms us in too many ways to count! As easy to grow as it is to love,'Pink Lemonade' defies drought, thrives in poor soil and needs no deadheading to keep its fetching looks all season long. This colorful perennial to your bed, border, or cut it for some visual interest in your next arrangement. You cannot go wrong with the colorful, unique beauty of 'Pink Lemonade.' Invite this long-lived, color-changing flower into your garden and you'll be glad you did!

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