Abelia Radiance - 3 Gallon

Abelia Radiance - 3 Gallon

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Radiance stands out above others because of its outstanding foliage, flower, vigor, and multi-season interest. During the growing season, beautiful silvery-green and creamy white variegated foliage is held on bright red stems. Beginning in late summer, plants are covered with small, trumpet shaped, fragrant flowers that are a favorite of butterflies.

Current Size: 3 Gallon

Botanical Name: Abelia x grandiflora 'Radiance'
Common Name: Radiance Abelia    
Foliage: Colorful white and green variegated leaves
Flowers: White, tubular, fragrant
Bloom Time: Late summer - fall
Light Requirements: Full sun to part shade
Mature Size: (H x W): 2-3' x 3-4'



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