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Hydrangea Tree - Quick Fire
Description Quick Fire Hydrangea Tree. 
Young's Weeping Birch
Description Latin Name: Betula Pendula  'Youngii' Common Name: Young's Weeping Birch
Yoshino Flowering Cherry (White)
Description Common Name: Yoshino Flowering Cherry Latin Name: Prunus x yedoensis
White Pine
Description Common Name: White Pine Latin Name: Pinus Strobus
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Weigela Fine Wine
Description Botanical Name: Weigela Fine WineCommon Name: Fine Wine WeigelaFoliage:  Red, Pink flowerLight Requirements: Full sunMature Size: (H x W): ...
Weeping Willow
Description Latin Name: Salix Alba Tristis Common Name: Weeping Willow
Weeping Purple Fountain Beech
Description Makes a beautiful specimen tree with its graceful weeping form. The branches will form...
Weeping Hemlock
Description Common Name: Weeping Hemlock Latin Name: Tsuga Candensis Pendula
Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar
Description Common Name: Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar Latin Name: Cedrus Atlantica Glauca Pendula
Vinca (Myrtle)
Variegated Common Boxwood
Description Botanical Name: MBuxus sempervirens VariegataCommon Name: Variegated English BoxwoodFoliage:  VariegatedLight Requirements: Full sun to part shadeMature Size: (H x...
Vanderwolf Pine - Pyramid
Description Common Name: Vanderwolf Pyramid Pine Latin Name: Pinus Flexilis 'Vanderwolfs Pyramid'