Organic Mini Mushroom Farm

Organic Mini Mushroom Farm

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Learn how to grow mushrooms right out of the box in just 10 days! Just add water to this mushroom growing kit – no separate mushroom spores or mushroom seeds needed! Unopened, the Mushroom Farm lasts for months making it a great family gift, child gift, science gift or education gift. Growing mushrooms has never been this easy and accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What comes with my Mushroom Mini Farm?

  • Your Mushroom Mini Farm comes with all you need to get started! Your farm should include a bag of organic substrate and an instruction card. The box your farm came in will serve as its home while it grows!

What is the substrate made of?

  • Our substrate is specially formulated to provide the best environment for mushroom growth. Made of upcycled agricultural materials like sawdust, wheat bran, and corn cobs, the substrate is 100% organic.

Where are my mushroom spawn?

  • The spawn from which your mushrooms will grow is already inside of the substrate bag. They lay dormant until you cut open the bag and water your substrate - that's what kickstarts their growth!

Are the mushrooms I grow organic?

  • Yes - Back to the Roots mushrooms are USDA certified organic!

Where in my home should I put my Mushroom Mini Farm?

  • Your Mushroom Mini Farm will do best in a warm place with indirect sunlight. Place your farm with the box opening face up until you begin to see small mushrooms "pinning" - then feel free to place it upright to finish growing.

What temperature is best for my mushrooms to grow in?

  • Your mushrooms will growl in normal room temperature (65-68 °F, 18-20 °C), but do not mind slightly warmer spaces. Additionally, if temperatures are below 60 °F (15 °C) most of the day, your mushrooms may germinate at a slower rate.

How often do I water my mushrooms?

  • Sprinkle 2-3 teaspoons of water a day on the scraped area, until the baby mushrooms have begun to peek out. General rule of thumb is to check to ensure that the surface exposed is moist. Mushrooms grow best in wet environments, so don't be afraid to add more water if things look dry.

What kind of mushrooms are these?

  • Your Mushroom Mini Farm grows gourmet Pearl Oyster mushrooms. They're commonly found in Europe and Asia and are used increasingly in a variety of cuisines for their velvety texture, smooth taste, and dense nutrient content.

What do Oyster mushrooms taste like?

  • Oyster mushrooms have a mild flavor that is very versatile when it comes to the food they complement. They have a delicate, velvety texture that pairs well in pastas, skewers, soups, salads, and anything else you like to put mushrooms in! They taste amazing, especially when they're so fresh, and can be eaten raw or cooked.

How many mushrooms will grow from my farm?

  • Each Mushroom Mini Farm is unique, which means the amount of growth you may see from your farm can vary. Some kits will grow 2-3 large mushroom caps and others will have a dozen smaller caps - mushrooms grow in such a way that it is very hard to predict exactly what you'll harvest! We guarantee you will have 1-2 servings of mushrooms to harvest from your farm.

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