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Coco Coir Chip Brick
Suitable to add to potting soil, or use in place of bark as both a...
FiberGrow Plantable Pots - 3.25" Pack of 8
Description These 3.25" Plantable Pots are made of 100% Peat-Free Renewable Coconut Coir, and make growing...
$4.99 $3.22
Jiffy Organic Seed Starting Mix - 4 QT Bag
Description The Jiffy Organic Seed Starting Mix is a lightly fertilized sphagnum peat moss and...
$9.99 $7.48
Jiffy Seed Starting Indoor Greenhouse - 50 Pack Tray
Description Grow your plants all year long with this 50 pack seed starting tray and...
$14.50 $10.86
RapidClip Tomato Clips
15 Clips Securely fixes plants to canes, wires, etc. Unique "Clip and Fix Action"
Earthworm Castings
Description Feeds plants naturally Encourages vigorous root growth Improves overall soil structure Non-burning & odor...
$10.99 $8.49
Organic Mini Mushroom Farm
Description Learn how to grow mushrooms right out of the box in just 10 days!...