Lumispheres Nest Solar Lantern - Assorted Colors

Lumispheres Nest Solar Lantern - Assorted Colors

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Lumispheres solar lanterns are produced from sustainably harvested materials and are individually hand-made ensuring no two are alike. Your unit comes with a single bright white LED for optimal dispersion and luminosity. When positioned near a wall or surface, the open weave design casts a silhouette pattern that is truly stunning!

  • 7" Diameter
  • Bright white LED creates a stunning silhouette lighting effect.
  • Individually hand made from sustainable materials.
  • Automatatically lights up at dusk and shuts off at dawn.

Available in 3 Colors (Blue, Green, and Pink)

Hang your Lumispheres solar lantern where it will receive some direct sunlight. Prior to use, remove the battery activation strip located underneath the solar cell. The lantern will fully charge in approximately 6 hours and will automatically come on each night at dusk for at least the same duration. Each Lumispheres solar lantern uses one AAA rechargeable batter (included). 

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